William P. Polio M.D.

Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Joint Replacement & Orthopedic Trauma
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (3 patient reviews and ratings)
2831 New Hartford Road Ridgecrest Medical Park
Owensboro, KY 42303
Appointment Line: (270) 926-4100
20 McMurtry Avenue
Hartford, KY 42347
Appointment Line: (270) 730-5344

Patient Reviews

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Polio.

“This was my first visit with Dr. Polio. His care was above and beyond. He was very kind and professional. I will definitely see him again.”
– Marsha B.
Patient rating: 5 stars
“Dr. Polio has always been patient and always takes the time to answer all of my questions.”
– Virginia G.
Patient rating: 5 stars
“I have had both of my feet fixed by Dr. Polio. I have toes and can wear shoes comfortably. I had put these surgeries off for years; I am planning on having my shoulder done shortly by Dr. Polio. I also saw him when I had an appointment with his brother, and he injected both of my shoulders. I really like and admire both of them. I recommended Dr. Polio to my brother, who had his foot fixed and has shoulder surgery at the end of this month.”
– Rebecca J.
Patient rating: 5 stars